About Robin

When you buy a home you invest in a lifestyle, and sometimes the best home to fit your lifestyle isn't a house. Whether it's a chic urban flat or multi-level townhouse, condos offer personal space where privacy meets convenience, form and function converge and floor plans are designed to please your senses and your needs.

Condos have many moving parts, and no one knows condos better than Robin. Unlike most brokers, Robin has specialized in condos and townhomes for most of her career. This is a unique market niche which has earned her an industry repuation as a trusted condo expert. She knows the local market and understands the unqiue issues specific to condos and HOAs. She is quick to share her knowledge and experience to guide clients through the process start to finish, helping them understand community disclosure documents and how the information in those documents might impact buyers and sellers and sometimes use, views and values.    

Robin has lived and worked in Bellevue for over 30 years, so there isn't much she doesn't know and love about the city. She combines her knowledge of the Eastside and its history with residential and commercial real estate experience to advise and guide clients and assist them in making informed decisions that fit their lifestyle and investment goals. In her free time she explores downtown with two spoiled dogs in tow, enjoys catching up on the latest movies,  volunteering at the animal shelter and whenever possible escaping to the Oregon coast.