Uncategorized December 22, 2015

A Thankful Time of Year

I love what I do and enjoy the opportunity to educate and guide buyers and sellers through the process (and sometimes stress) of buying or selling a home. If you worked with me this year, or bought or sold a home through Windermere Real Estate, you are part of the Windermere Foundation and you made a positive difference in the lives of our neighbors in need. With each buyer of seller we work with, Windermere brokers donate to the Windermere Foundation.

For the past 26 years the Windermere Foundation has donated a portion of each home sale toward supporting low-income and homeless families in our communities. Thank you for helping to raise over $20 million for those who need our help the most.

This is a busy time of year for everyone and hopefully you are planning on gathering with family and friends in your home. Windermere Foundation has made an effort to be sure many less fortunate families have that same opportunity.

Sweet joys are often found in simple places. Merry Christmas. Enjoy every moment of the New Year.