condominium speciaistfamilyheroessafety March 31, 2020

Stay Home – Stay Healthy – Stay Safe

Like many of you, I have been working from home for the last two weeks. Though technology allows for viewing photo galleries and virtual tours, locating neighborhoods on Google maps, reviewing documents and digitally signing documents, real estate is a person-to-person business. While the State of Washington recently determined real estate is an essential business and may continue, the guidelines and restrictions that must be followed make it difficult to continue in a safe and healthy manner for buyers, sellers and brokers.

As many of us shelter and work from home, new routines, procedures and boundaries have been created.  I no longer have children living at home  –  I can’t imagine the time management challenges and logistics needed as you try to fill the role of teacher, parent, spouse and employer/employee. My newly hired assistants have been a big help. Their phone and texting skills are a little rough, but they’re easily compensated with walk breaks throughout the day and frequent treats.

The coronavirus health crisis has changed our lives in unimaginable ways, and will likely impact us for the rest of our lives. If your job permits, stay home, stay healthy and be safe. Be kind to one another, this is a stressful time for adults and children. If you are one of the many people putting yourselves at risk and working tirelessly to make sure our medical and practical needs are met  –  doctors, nurses, technicians, grocery and pharmacy employees, veterinarians, transit drivers, police, fire and emergency personnel  –  you are my heroes. My hope is that you, your family and friends remain safe and healthy.