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Revision to Condominium Resale Certificates Relating to EV Charging Stations

courtesy flickr/Ivan Radic

The WA State Legislature recently approved a revision to the Condominium Resale Certificate. House Bill 1793, passed by both the House and Senate, was effective June 9, 2022.

A new section has been added to the Condominium Resale Certificate relating to electric vehicle charging stations. Whether located in the unit or the limited common elements assigned to a unit, an association manager (or HOA of self-managed) is now required to complete the updated document to disclose information relating to application requirements for EV charging stations, the status of any application in process, insurance information and/or requirements, maintenance responsibilities, associated costs including any utility allocations to a unit or owner and other requirements related to proper approval of and installation of an EV charging station. With the popularity of electric vehicles on the rise, HOA rules and regulations will soon need to be updated to include the approval process and requirements for installing EV charging stations.

The updated form must be used for all condominium or common interest community purchase transactions with mutual acceptance on or after June 9th. If a resale certificate was previously ordered (for example, when the home was listed for sale), the resale certificate will need to be updated and available to a seller for review and approval.