Buyer Broker Services Agreementsbuying a homecondominium speciaisthousing marketreal estateWindermere Real Estate January 11, 2024

What are Buyer Broker Services Agreements?

Real estate, and the laws surrounding it, is constantly changing. Beginning January 1st of this year, the State of Washington now requires that home buyers sign a Buyer Broker Services Agreement when working with a licensed broker in their search for a home.

While it sounds like a big change, Buyer Broker Services Agreements have been in use for some time; the main difference is that now they are legally mandated. Like seller agreements (the listing contract), which have long been required, the buyer agreement provides important protections for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Buyer Broker Services Agreements carry many benefits. They protect you from conflicts of interest, require your broker to follow specific professional guidelines and provides transparency about your broker’s legal duties and compensation. All of this adds up to enhanced clarity up front when working with a broker to purchase a home. Windermere has always encouraged the use of buyer agency agreements and now they’ll be the norm for all real estate companies and licensed brokers statewide.

If you have questions about this change, the real estate market in your community, or other real estate topics, don’t hesitate to contact me.