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Here Come the Trains

flickr/Zack Heistand

If you’ve been out-and-about between downtown Bellevue and Redmond in recent weeks you’ve likely seen light rail trains on daily practice runs. On two occasions this week I’ve stopped at crossings to let trains pass.

Trains will start running on regular schedules with passengers this spring connecting the South Bellevue station and Redmond Technology station. In the next year or so the “2 Line” will connect Redmond and Bellevue to Mercer Island and Seattle.

After years of construction it is exciting to see trains running on tracks along roadways and overpasses. Drivers and pedestrians will need to be aware of train crossings, so keep in mind:

–trains run in both directions, so always look both ways before crossing
–when driving, stay alert and observe crossing markers, lights and traffic arms
–when walking, stay alert, especially if wearing headphones or focusing on a tech screen
–use designated crosswalks and pay attention to crossing signals
–bike riders remember to cross tracks at a 90 degree angle to prevent getting stuck

It’s been a long time coming, but light rail is going to bring an efficient and exciting new way to commute to the eastside.